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October 19, 2016

The Weather Company Launches its Signature WEATHERfx Ad-targeting Platform in Germany with BurdaForward

Sophisticated Weather Targeting Capabilities Now Available to Help Advertisers like Launch Partner GlaxoSmithKline Drive Consumer Action

MUNICH and ATLANTA - Together with BurdaForward and launch partner GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), The Weather Company, an IBM Business (NYSE: IBM), has launched its industry-leading WEATHERfx marketing platform for the first time in Germany. The WEATHERfx automated platform helps marketers leverage weather data to better target their advertising. WEATHERfx by The Weather Company simplifies weather data into actionable insights for customers, allowing brands to tap into the power of real-time big data weather analytics.

“BurdaForward advertisers are now able to take advantage of WEATHERfx in order to better anticipate and inform consumer decision making,” said Oliver Eckert, CEO of BurdaForward GmbH. “We are proud to bring this advanced technology to the German market for a better connection to consumers and a more relevant user experience.”

WEATHERfx will optimize the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on both The Weather Channel in Germany and BurdaForward properties by combining the use of data, technology, business intelligence and content to help deliver a more compelling message to consumers. The platform is now available on The Weather Channel properties across web, mobile and tablet, and it will soon be extended to BurdaForward’s full inventory of publications, such as FOCUS Online and CHIP Digital, reaching 36 million Germans.

As the launch partner, GSK, maker of Fenistil, will use the new WEATHERfx triggers to reach users interested in outdoor activities for help alleviating insect bites, sunburn and more. The WEATHERfx targeting capabilities help get the right message to those checking the weather before heading outside.

“The Weather Company has one of the world’s largest sets of first-party location data, and we are one of the largest processors of weather-based data as well,” said Domenic Venuto, general manager, consumer division, The Weather Company. “Using this trove of data, Weather and BurdaForward will enable marketers to leverage the powerful potential connection between weather and emotion by delivering real-time messaging to help inform consumer action.”

How WEATHERfx works

WEATHERfx is an automated targeting platform that helps power more informed marketing decisions by leveraging weather’s potential impact on emotion and delivering messaging designed to inform consumer action. WEATHERfx uses real-time modeling based on geo and weather data, client goals and historical business data. By overlaying sales information with weather data and predictive analytical models, advertisers are able to deliver dynamic messaging and weather-prompting capabilities on a hyper-local basis across the web, mobile devices and tablets.

  • Analyzes complex data - The platform interprets past, present and future weather elements and client data to come up with an optimal mix of conditions to target.
  • Creates triggers - Using a set of 30 different weather condition triggers for multiple seasons, such as temperature, humidity, recent or forecasted condition, and pollen count, it defines condition mixes when weather is most likely to drive consumer behavior for a specific product and area.
  • Delivers relevant messages - It uses predictive analytics and real-time media activation to serve message content only to the people primed to receive them, so a consumer gets served the right product in the right place at the right time.

Germany will be only the third market with access to WEATHERfx, since it first launched it in the U.S. in March 2013, and expanded to the U.K. in December 2013. The Weather Company and BurdaForward first joined forces last year to create a unique offering of apps and websites customized for the German market. The Weather Company supplies the product as well as weather data and forecast information for BurdaForward properties, while FOCUS Online oversees editorial and ForwardAdGroup sells advertising on The Weather Channel in Germany via apps and


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