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June 6, 2014

The Weather Company is The First Publisher To Be Able To Measure Brick and Mortar Traffic From Mobile Campaigns

Case Study Shows Considerable Lift in In-Store Visits to Ace Hardware

Driven By Campaign on The Weather Channel Mobile Apps

Atlanta – June 6, 2014 – The Weather Company now has the ability to show measurable traffic to brick and mortar stores linked back to ad campaigns that run across The Weather Channel mobile apps. This capability is made possible through a new partnership between The Weather Company and Placed, the leader in location-driven insights and mobile ad intelligence. The Weather Company is the first publisher to launch Placed Attribution, a real-world attribution solution for mobile advertising.

Placed has built the world’s largest opt-in location-based panel, measuring over 150 million locations a day. By comparing consumers exposed to a campaign to those not exposed through Placed Attribution, The Weather Company is able to provide marketers with actionable data and insights from their mobile campaigns including projected store visits, lift, cost per store visit, and cost per incremental visit (lift). Additionally, these studies provide insights into geographic, demographic and correlated businesses associated with ad exposure.

“We’ve known for a long time that The Weather Channel has a great audience at scale - and now we can prove it,” said Alex Linde, senior vice president, monetization for The Weather Company. “This allows us to provide the transparency, measurement, and ultimately the ROI that brands and agencies are always seeking to validate the performance of different media on their plan.”

In fact, a recent study by Placed revealed that exposure to a mobile campaign executed by The Weather Company and Ace Hardware across The Weather Channel mobile app has driven a significant increase in visits to brick and mortar Ace Hardware stores. Based on the most recent report for Weather and Ace Hardware, consumers exposed to the campaign on Weather’s mobile platforms were a staggering 40% (from 1.8% to 2.5%) more likely to visit an Ace Hardware store – nearly 3x the average lift that Placed saw across all retail campaigns in Q4 2014. Spark, Ace Hardware's agency of record, was responsible for the implementation of this pilot campaign with The Weather Company.

Based on data from the Placed panel, Ace was able to determine that:

●      The Weather Channel app reached the right demographic for their campaign.

●      The Weather Channel app has local scale in the markets that matter.

"Placed Attribution brings the value of premium publishers to light. The fact that the Ace campaign on Weather produced three times the average lift for retail campaigns in Q4 is phenomenal, and changes the way marketers look at ROI when it comes to mobile advertising and in-store attribution," said David Shim, founder & CEO,Placed.

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