Press Release

June 25, 2014

Meet Your New Running Partner – OutSider, a Weather-centric App for Runners and Outdoor Enthusiasts

First app to display the effect of weather on run performance,
using new Run Weather Index technology from The Weather Channel


ATLANTA (June 25, 2014) – As one of 40 million U.S. runners,1 you understand that weather affects your performance. The forecast matters, whether it’s a hot, humid day or a cold, windy evening. But what can you do about it?

The Weather Channel® today launched OutSider, a new app for runners and active outdoor enthusiasts. The OutSider app is the first to bring a true weather experience to the running app market. It lets runners view how weather affects their runs in a very interactive way. Using the most accurate forecast you trust from The Weather Channel, it helps make running decisions based on the weather.

OutSider is now available free for iPhone and iPod touch from iTunes. It offers a new, proprietary Run Weather Index (RWI). This technology uses weather and biometeorological research to find your best run conditions and help track, plan and analyze runs.

OutSider helps you have a better run

“We believe OutSider will bring new insights to the running and outdoor fitness audience,” said Kevin Doerr, senior vice president of digital products, The Weather Channel. “We know weather impacts your run, and we know there are many running apps to choose from. What we’re doing here is providing runners and outdoor fitness enthusiasts the ability to personalize, plan and better understand the impact of weather on their performance.”

The OutSider app brings in the weather science behind running and translates what that means for runners. This makes it easier and safer to plan a run and make better running decisions. Features of the app include:

  • Learn your Run Weather Index – The RWI (patent pending) uses factors such as air quality, humidity, temperature, wind, precipitation, cloud cover and rain to find – and even forecast – your optimal run conditions.
  • Plan your runs – Our 48-hour and ten-day run forecasts use your personalized RWI to help decide the best time to run outside.
  • Route your runs – The app remembers your routes so you can compete against yourself.
  • Track your runs – Set goals and check in on your overall run analysis.
  • Analyze your runs – A historical run data chart tracks the weather impact on your run. Or personalize your RWI to find the ideal times for your best performance.
  • Integrates with playlists and calendar – Works seamlessly with your iPhone or iPod
  • Use it with devices – Uses the GPS and iPhone 5s (M7) motion sensor to track your stride. Or connect your own heart rate monitor or stride sensor for additional run data.

The OutSider app comes from The Weather Channel Labs, which hosts the brand’s bigger and emerging ideas. This lets more adventurous fans dive in and help push the boundaries that exist in weather products today. The Weather Channel Labs defies the limits of weather science and technology to create the next generation of products and services.

The Weather Channel brand continues to find new ways to share its fascination with the weather. After all, when you see the world through weather, “It’s Amazing Out There.”

The Weather Channel partnered with Wahoo Fitness, the industry leader in connecting fitness sensors to the smartphone, to provide Wahoo’s proprietary iOS software to power the OutSider app’s in-run and GPS mapping technology. The app also works with Wahoo’s TICKR heart rate monitor to provide real-time heart rate and calories burned data during a workout. Additionally, mobile engagement provider and strategic partner Mobiquity helped identify, design and integrate this new product.

OutSider extends the technology leadership and innovation of The Weather Company, known for the most accurate weather forecasts on TV, web, mobile, tablet and emerging platforms. Meet your best running partner, and download the OutSider app by The Weather Channel from the App Store and iTunes



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