December 14, 2016

New Snapchat Forecast Filters Powered by The Weather Channel

Hyperlocal weather information from The Weather Channel is just a Snap away! Today, The Weather Channel is proud to share that Snapchat users can now add detailed forecast filters to their favorite photos and videos.

Thanks to a longstanding partnership, Snapchat users have previously been able to add current condition overlays to any photo or video Snap. With the latest update, users can now add hourly and three-day forecasts to their favorite Snaps. The Weather Channel provides users with the most accurate, real-time weather information based on geolocation when taking a Snap.

Snapchat’s over 150 million daily active users worldwide can easily unlock these hyper-local forecast filters by tapping on the current condition filter on Snapchat.

These filters are available on Snapchat for iOS or Android.