October 13, 2016

The Weather Company Unveils JOURNEYfx –The Industry’s Only First-Party Data Location-Targeting Platform

Weather and location coupled with IBM capabilities help marketers target and predict consumers’ purchasing behaviors


Today, The Weather Company, an IBM Business, unveils its newly updated and rebranded advertising location-targeting platform, JOURNEYfx which is leveraging the world’s largest analytics company to better understand consumers and help marketers engage more effectively than ever before. The rebranding reflects the new capabilities of this powerful platform that learns from real-world behaviors by combining massive mobile reach, unparalleled data quality and frequent user engagement, enabling marketers to produce robust and accurate location-targeting campaigns.

Key features for marketers include:

JOURNEYfx is the only platform that has the world’s largest continuous set of first-party data to build a 360-degree view of an ideal consumer. The technology captures and combines the vast amount of data from The Weather Company’s 87 million monthly mobile users who check-in 2 to 5 times daily equals more than one billion weekly pings.

Marketers can now have a deeper level of insight by analyzing a combination of weather, location, movements and other data sets made available from IBM, and it correlates media serving with campaign performance data to inform their targeting and creative offerings.

In JOURNEYfx, The Weather Company is also able to create highly-personalized – yet privacy-friendly – portraits that allow marketers to understand and anticipate the precise time and location to deliver a message to a specific consumer based on their behaviors. Once a portrait is built, marketers can better identify consumer’s patterns and rituals throughout the day, week and year, and target them at the right time, right place and with the right message.

For example, most consumers have already decided what kind of car they want to buy by the time they visit a dealership. With JOURNEYfx, an auto brand may want to understand the type of person who is interested in purchasing a minivan or SUV. By leveraging JOURNEYfx’s Established Family portrait, a marketer is able to target relevant consumers whose location patterns reflect those of a family with multiple kids and trigger ads with custom messages to those consumers.

“The combination of The Weather Company’s data with IBM capabilities makes JOURNEYfx a truly dynamic offering that reduces guesswork, increases spend efficiency and optimizes campaign performance,” said Jeremy Steinberg, global head of sales, The Weather Company. “Unlike any other location-targeting offering available today, JOURNEYfx has the scale, quality data and actionable insights that give marketers the ability to understand consumers’ lifestyles and create a connection with them long before they visit a store or restaurant.”