August 23, 2016

The Weather Company Sponsors First Electric Motorcycle 80-Day World Tour

The Weather Company, an IBM Business signs on as a sponsor and proud weather provider of the STORM Eindhoven world tour.

The STORM world tour is the result of a cutting edge, sustainable energy project initiated by 23 students at the Netherlands’ Eindhoven University of Technology. There, they developed the STORM Wave, the world’s first electric touring motorcycle.

To put their technology to the test, the team is taking the STORM Wave motorcycle on a tour across the globe. Within 80 days, they will travel over 16,000 miles and pass through 16 countries, solely powered by the existing electricity grid.

The STORM world tour began on Aug. 14 in Eindhoven and will travel throughout Europe, Asia and the United States. As the team passes through the U.S. from Oct. 4-28, they will stop at various sponsor offices and supporters’ homes to recharge, with potential stops at Weather offices on the West and East Coasts.

The Weather Company supplied the STORM team with a mobile personal weather station (PWS) to help the students plan their travel routes and analyze the performance of the battery throughout varying, and potentially grueling, weather conditions. The STORM PWS will transmit live weather data to Weather Underground during rest and charging stops throughout the course of the tour and will be accessible via Weather Underground’s mobile apps and website, (station ID: IEINDHOV150).

Upon completion of the tour, the PWS data will be ingested into IBM’s Bluemix platform and will be analyzed to assess how weather conditions affected the overall battery performance throughout the tour.

Fans can track the STORM team and view real-time analytics via the STORM Wave page. The latest tour updates are also available on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram – please share socially to spread the word about this incredible world tour.