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October 20, 2015

WSI Aviation Introduces Predictive Airport Analytics In Latest WSI Fusion™ Release

New Update Offers Predictive Airport Analytics, Air Traffic Management, and Convective Weather Enhancements for Improved Safety and Performance

Airlines lose millions of dollars each year due to excess fuel contingencies and delays at airports resulting from capacity reduction, runway configuration, and taxi time uncertainty.

Weather Services International, (WSI), the professional division of The Weather Company, has announced the integration ofPredictive Airport Analytics into its WSI Fusion™ (Fusion) platform (version 2015.2), and introduced several key additions in air traffic management and convective weather to help reduce operating costs. These new enhancements will help flight dispatchers, operations personnel, and managers stay aware and ahead of changing conditions from planning to touch down.

As part of the Fusion update, the predictive airport analytics service will allow dispatchers and air traffic coordinators to see forecasted impacts of weather and traffic flow on airport taxi times, runway configuration, and airport congestion. Using airport predictive analytics, which integrates seamlessly into the current Fusion platform, airlines will gain early insight into changing airport operations and be able to proactively sharpen fuel contingency, flight, and crew plans to reduce costly network and customer impacts, especially during disruptive weather.

Additional enhancements in the latest Fusion update include:

  • Enhanced Convective Package
    • Convection is a significant cause of both enroute and terminal disruption, flight delays as well as safety risk. This new package features high-definition, real-time and forecast convective information, which will enable airlines to pinpoint severe weather and clarify route and terminal decisions. This update also extends coverage for many of the products globally to take the guesswork out of international operations - particularly routing near more vigorous convective activity where there has been limited information until now.
  • FAA Route Compliance and Significant Change Alerts
    • The compliance and significant change alerts will help airlines streamline operations by notifying dispatchers when their flights have a route restriction as well as when their flights are in compliance with FAA routes. This will allow the dispatcher and flight crew to ensure that a proper fuel load and routing are loaded for a timely departure.
  • System Wide Information Management (SWIM) Support
    • WSI has updated core FAA air traffic management data services to the latest available via System Wide Information Management (SWIM). The latest Fusion update meets FAA compatibility requirements with new FAA data standards for critical ground stop and route constraint information.

WSI Fusion is an essential flight operation platform that fuses vital weather, airport, airspace, and flight information into actionable insights and alerts, empowering operators to proactively manage and improve safety, efficiency and performance. Check out the latest information on Fusion at


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Weather Means Business™. WSI is the world's leading provider of weather-driven business solutions that enable enterprises to make better decisions using the most accurate and precise weather data available. WSI serves some of the world's biggest brands in the aviation, energy, insurance, and media markets, as well as federal and state government agencies. We are proud to be a part of The Weather Company, which focuses entirely on the weather, delivering billions of discrete forecasts per day around the world, through a media portfolio that includes The Weather Channel®,®, WSI and Weather Underground. Learn more at

About WSI Aviation
WSI Aviation is the most trusted weather decision support provider in the aviation industry. It provides a proactive, aviation operation management suite ensuring common situational awareness and continuity in decisions through every phase of flight. WSI Fusion is an integral component of this flight support solution, along with Total Turbulence, which delivers precise and actionable turbulence alerts and guidance through all phases of operations, and WSI Pilotbrief, a preflight planning tool. WSI also operates a Global Forecast Center staffed by experienced aviation meteorologists who produce operational terminal and en route forecasts globally.