April 29, 2013

The Weather Company Announces New Web Series and New Momentum at 2013 Digital Content NewFront Presentation

New York, NY – April 29, 2013 – The Weather Company (Weather) hosted its Digital Content NewFront presentation today at The Times Center in New York City, which included the announcement of three new web series, and the first brand sponsor for The Weather Channel brand’s new partnership with Twitter, which also underscored the breadth and depth of the company’s multiplatform offerings. Highlights of the presentation included:

Curt Hecht, chief global revenue officer, The Weather Company, explained Weather’s target audience, the Weather Enthusiast, a passionate affinity group that’s 46 million strong and engages with weather content on all platforms. Said Hecht, "No other company has such a deep understanding of the affects of weather on what people do and how they feel. The most effective marketing is that which drives future sales, not yesterday's. Few companies predict the future at our scale, and we want to unlock this content and data for our agency and client partners to drive better human connections for their brands. Today is another demonstration of that power.”  



Mike Finnerty, vice president of product for, The Weather Company, underscored the company’s momentum, noting “We are the only media company that can offer 100 million subscribers on cable*, 100 million monthly unique visitors on web**, and more than 100 million downloaded app users on mobile***, and the company is adding nearly 100,000 new users across all digital platforms per day**** – more than one new user every second.” Finnerty also stated that one in four of Weather’s audience says The Weather Company’s digital platforms are the first digital experience and the last digital experience they engage with every day. He also noted that is a Top 20 comScore site in unique visitors and video streams*****.



Less than 30 days ago during Weather’s Upfront presentation, the company announced its partnership with Twitter to extend TV and digital content opportunities on to the Twitter platform to increase audience size and engagement. By combining video with promoted tweets, marketers can drive reach and target by location, interest, device and more.

Finnerty announced that The Home Depot will be the first marketer to leverage Weather and Twitter’s new offering. The Weather Channel and The Home Depot have a longstanding partnership, which includes their four-screen “Project of the Week” campaign. This will add another dimension to the campaign with social media as a fifth platform.

The Home Depot’s “Project of the Week” campaign will be featured in promoted tweets by The Weather Channel, with video content that can vary by location, weather and seasonal conditions. Examples of “Project of the Week” include how to create a flower tower, how to build patio pavers, outdoor living ideas, and more. The videos can be watched seamlessly in-tweet using Twitter cards technology.

“The Home Depot is a fantastic partner and has been really open to new approaches,” said Finnerty. “We’re excited to take the ‘Project of the Week’ campaign into the social media realm to engage new DIYers and build an even bigger audience for The Home Depot.”



Vikram Somaya, general manager, WeatherFX, The Weather Company, discussed how WeatherFX’s proprietary weather data and automated process allows marketers to adjust their campaigns in real-time to anticipate and react to dozens of local weather conditions across thousands of locations throughout the country simultaneously. Said Somaya, “We can forecast what your customers are going to do before they do it, and we can help you reach them at the right place and time with the right message.”



Neil Katz, vice president and editor-in-chief, digital, for The Weather Company, discussed the company’s growth in digital, announcing that has doubled its audience for content from Feb. 2012–Feb. 2013, with 100 percent growth in unique visitors, and 800 percent page view growth.****** He also announced that since Jan. 2013, has had 100 percent delivery on every content campaign for its marketers.

Katz also discussed’s continuing investment in original content and video online and on mobile, introducing three additional series premiering this year under the Weather Films umbrella. They join three web series previously announced during Weather’s Upfront presentation, which included “Brink,” “Destination Uncharted” (formerly “The Bucket List”), and “Grid Breakers” (formerly “The Explorers”).

“Our goal this year is to blow people out of their seats,” said Katz. “We think Weather Films is going to take people there no matter which screen they're watching on.”

The three new series will appear on all four screens –, cable, mobile and tablet. They include:

“I Am Unstoppable” (working title, launches October 2013)
“I Am Unstoppable” tells the inspiring stories of six outdoor athletes who've overcome extraordinary obstacles to become champions. The remarkable cast includes Sarah Reinertsen, Lopez Lomong, and Spencer West. Reinertsen, the first full-leg amputee to complete the Ironman competition, talks about her journey from learning at age nine that she'd lose her leg to becoming a world-renowned triathlete. Lomong's harrowing story begins in the refugee camps of eastern Africa and ends with his bearing the flag for the United States at the 2008 Olympics. West shares how being born with no legs didn't stop him from achieving a goal no one thought he could achieve: ascending, with almost no assistance, Mt. Kilimanjaro.

“Virus Hunters” (WT, launches November 2013)
“Virus Hunters” takes viewers inside the work of the scientists who protect us against nature's most deadly killers. From an outbreak of H1N1 that spreads across the globe in weeks to a stolen vial of smallpox that decimates a population, the number of nightmare scenarios involving deadly pathogens is almost endless. But thanks to a dedicated group of scientists, most of them stop before they begin. Weather Films takes you inside their world, showing how techniques ranging from advanced data mining to old-fashioned detective work defeat deadly pandemics before they begin.

“Alive” (WT, launches December 2013)
“Alive” shares the stories of extraordinary Americans who have survived manmade and natural disasters. What's it like to survive an earthquake, a tornado or a hurricane? What about a flight that nearly crashes or a shipwreck? Weather Films talks to the survivors who defied death, and to the scientists who explain what happened.


Each series will feature 6x 2-4 min. episodes, with all six episodes of a series launching online on the same date.

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