October 8, 2013

The Weather Channel raises the stakes in the digital video revolution with Weather Films

Introduces break-through digital content documenting the forces of weather and its effect on human life

London -- The Weather Company International Inc. today announced the launch of its first high-quality, online video platform: Weather Films. Developed to appeal to today’s time-strapped audience, Weather Films are short episodes available to watch and share on tablets, Web and smartphones via mobile browsers or The Weather Channel suite of apps. The content offers illuminating stories led by inspiring eco-heroes, courageous environmentalists and brave survivors and raises awareness of key climate, conservation and human issues.

Each short film is beautifully produced in HD format, including stunning imagery, adventure, heroism and powerful storylines, all with weather at its core. The first series to premiere is ‘Brink’, in which six eco-heroes fight to save species and habitats before they become extinct. From the ice flows of Newfoundland where each year 300,000 baby seals are slaughtered to beautiful Baja, Mexico where sea turtles are illegally smuggled, the team of warriors involved are not afraid to take the fight for survival to the front lines.

Weather Films will continue with narratives covering a spectrum of stories, from explorers battling the planet’s most extreme weather conditions to inspiring athletes.

Patrick Vogt, president of The Weather Company International, said, “Science and great story-telling make up our core at The Weather Company. Combined with the fantastic industry growth trend of video and the evolution of consumer viewing behaviour, this has resulted in the creation of Weather Films. Weather Films is a prime example of rich content in a more engaging and immediate medium and a brilliant portrayal of our interaction with the forces of weather and the environment.”

The Weather Company has partnered with Telegraph Media Group (TMG) to play Weather Films on Telegraph TV.

Weather Films will also be distributed with Unruly Media and will soon be rolled out internationally, with a variety of local language sites to go live across the globe.

Brink is now available to watch at on web and via for mobile screens. 



Editors’ Notes:

Series guide:

Brink: From the ice flows of Newfoundland, where each year 300,000 baby seals are slaughtered, to beautiful Baja, Mexico, where sea turtles are illegally smuggled to the jungles of South America, six brave eco-heroes fight to save species and habitats before it’s too late.

Destination Uncharted: Takes you to some of the most stunning natural phenomena on the planet, including a burning volcano in Iceland’s frozen fields, Darwin’s treasures revealed beneath the stunning blue waters of the Galapagos, and the majesty and power of giant sand storms in Arizona

Grid Breakers: What does it take to climb the world’s highest peaks, dive to the planet’s deepest floors, or survive the most punishing weather environments and live to tell the story?

I Am Unstoppable: Tells the inspiring stories of six outdoor athletes who've overcome extraordinary obstacles to become champions

Virus Hunters: Takes you inside the world of a dedicated group of scientists showing how techniques ranging from advanced data mining to old-fashioned detective work defeat deadly pandemics before they begin

Alive: Profiles unbelievable stories of courage and bravery needed to overcome a battle with nature, featuring survivors who defied death and the scientists who explain what happened