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October 29, 2015

The Weather Channel Updates iPhone App with All-New Home Screen and Added Personalization for an Even More Customized User Experience

New Features Include 15-day Forecasts, 3D Touch Capabilities and Ad-Free Option

ATLANTA – The Weather Channel® App for iPhone is now updated to offer users a more seamless and personal experience. The app, now available from the App Store, brings users an all-new home screen design with precise and personalized information based on their location.

The dynamic home screen is now more user friendly than ever before, featuring current conditions, plus up to three pieces of information users need to know most based on their location, time of day, and severity of weather. For example, users may see severe weather alerts, rain alerts or “feels like” temperatures forecasted for the day.

“The app centers around relevance for each of our fans – the ‘what does it mean to me?’” said Nikki Santoro, vice president of product and design. “Feedback shows that our fans want to know what’s happening to them right now, so we deliver that information in the most contextual way possible in order to help fans stay safe and make the best decisions for their day.”

Users can now enjoy high-quality visuals that depict current weather conditions in their chosen cities on the homescreen. The sleek, simple design is easy to digest, and more comprehensive data, such as 15-day forecasts and health alerts, are just a click away. As another way to customize the app, The Weather Channel now offers an ad-free version for users who want the full app experience without ads ($3.99/year).

In addition to an updated, clean design with intuitive data, the new app features The Lift, America’s first mobile-only morning show, which brings users several snackable clips focused on breaking weather-related news, amazing nature stories, interesting science, and fun viral videos right to their mobile devices. The Lift is hosted by Al Roker and features meteorologists Domenica Davis and Ari Sarsalari. Users can view The Lift weekdays from 6-11 a.m. in their respective time zones.

The updated app is fully globalized and tailors information about current and forecasted weather conditions right to users’ fingertips, with advanced features that include:

  • Dynamic home screen (New) – Shows users what that data means to them and if weather is headed their way – will it rain soon and for how long? is a thunderstorm possible later? what’s tomorrow’s forecast if it’s late in the day?
  • 15-day forecasts (New) – Provides users with a look at weather conditions 15 days in advance so they can plan ahead
  • Quick Actions (New) – Allows users with 3D Touch-supported devices to hover over the app icon and enter the app through one of four user-customized screens: radar, saved locations, share weather, current location or search
  • The Lift (New) - Users get out of bed with a smile and wake up smarter with this new mobile morning show, exclusive to The Weather Channel mobile app.
  • Ad-free version (New) – The Weather Channel app has sponsors that allow users to access the app for free, but users who do not wish to see ads can now choose to remove in-app ads for just $3.99 per year.
  • Contextually relevant weather data – Offers users information on current conditions, hourly forecasts for current or saved locations and more
  • Radar options – Users can access interactive weather maps that show past, present and future conditions globally.
  • Precise push alerts - Keeps users safe and in-the-know with National Weather Service severe alerts
  • Rain and lightning notifications – Users will never be caught without an umbrella with real-time rain updates, with rain intensity and rain start and stop times. The app will also notify you when lightning strikes nearby and more.
  • Social Reports – Shows weather updates shared by other users of The Weather Channel app nearby
  • Health reports – Health-conscious users can stay informed by monitoring air quality, including mold, pollen levels and flu reports.
  • Hurricane Central – Provides users in the path of a hurricane with timely, relevant information to keep them and their loved ones safe

Check out a demo video above of The Weather Channel App for iPhone. Users can stay informed on current weather and forecasted conditions with highly accurate, personalized data by downloading the app from the App Store.


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