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April 27, 2015

The Weather Channel Launches Real-Time Rain and Lightning Alerts on iOS, Android and Apple Watch

Fully-Customizable Weather Notifications Provide Users with Relevant and Actionable Weather Forecasts

ATLANTA, April 27, 2015 – The Weather Channel® today announced the launch of real-time rain and lightning alerts on iOS, Android and Apple Watch in the U.S. In the app, users can set up fully customizable notifications based on personal preferences so they receive the exact alerts that are relevant to them, whether they are at home or on-the-go. By combining the most accurate forecasts and weather data from The Weather Channel with real-time notifications, users have the information they need to get outside, stay safe and make the most of the weather.

The Weather Channel app provides current weather conditions, hourly forecasts with graphical representations of temperature and precipitation, weekend forecasts and alerts. New alerts include:

  • Real-Time Rain and Snow: Users can set up alerts for exact, to-the-minute timing of when rain or snow will start based on their GPS location. The alert will also provide an exact duration of how long the rain or snow will last, so users can plan for the next two hours.
  • Lightning Strike: The new lightning map layer provides real-time alerts for when lightning strikes near a user’s GPS location so they can stay out of the path of the storm.

Existing alerts provided by The Weather Channel app include:

  • Severe Weather: Stay safe with National Weather Service notifications of severe weather.
  • Pollen: Receive alerts for local daily pollen levels, relevant forecasts, tips and advice.
  • Breaking News: Stay informed with local and national weather news stories and updates.
  • Daily Rain and Snow Forecast: Users can also setup morning rain reports for their favorite locations so they can plan ahead and prepare for the day.

How It Works
The Weather Channel can deliver forecasts for your exact location no matter where you are in the world, updating the forecast whenever a user needs it. With unlimited capacity, it delivers 10 billion forecast requests per day on average, and so far has delivered as many as 26 billion forecasts or more on severe weather days. By combining data from thousands of global ground stations collecting actual precipitation, with a proprietary algorithmic tool set that compares rain alerts by location to actual measured rain at that site, exact-time alerting by The Weather Channel is based on science that is constantly being fine-tuned for a user’s specific location.

Registration & Weather Profile
Signing up for this new weather experience is easier than ever before. Users simply have to open the app, go to the Settings menu and select Sign-Up to get started.


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