Press Release

June 13, 2016

GoRun with The Weather Channel App – A Running Companion that Can Help Improve Your Workout Performance Based on Weather’s Impact

With Exclusive Launch Partner Michelob ULTRA, the GoRun Forecast Determines Your Best Time to Run and More

ATLANTA - Runners understand that weather affects performance, whether it’s a hot, humid day or a cold, windy evening. The Weather Channel presents the GoRun forecast, a personalized experience that helps everyday athletes plan their outdoor workouts according to the weather. GoRun translates relevant weather information to help runners or walkers track, plan and analyze runs. Together with exclusive launch partner Michelob ULTRA, The GoRun forecast is available within The Weather Channel App for iPhone and Android.

“Our GoRun forecast is a great use case of translating weather data into personalized decisions that help make life better, easier and safer for a mobile user,” said Domenic Venuto, general manager of consumer at The Weather Company, an IBM Business.  “The  GoRun forecast brings new insights to the running and outdoor fitness enthusiast with the goal of improving their performance.  ”

Benefits of the GoRun forecast include:

  • Better running decisions – Translating what the weather science behind running means, helping make it easier and safer to plan runs in a weekly glance
  • Get your GoRun forecast – Using factors such as humidity, temperature, wind, precipitation and cloud cover to find – and even forecast – optimal run conditions personalized for you
  • Plan your runs – 48-hour and ten-day run forecasts use your specific  preferences and results to help decide the best time to run outside.
  • Trusted companion - The GoRun forecast will only get smarter and more personalized with time as a runner interacts with it.

How it Works

From the app’s main feed, the GoRun module drives users deeper into the running experience. Once a user opts to personalize their settings, The Weather Channel will surface relevant and timely messaging on the app’s home screen to let them know when the time is right to run, using an optimum running index based on weather tailored to their best run conditions.

Using The Weather Company’s powerful computing technology, trove of data, and forecasting expertise, The Weather Channel provides meaningful weather insights and tips unique to an individual runner’s profile, preferences and location to help determine the best time to run based on your body and goals. The Weather Channel analytics allows GoRun to correlate weather’s impact on a run based on different demographics, geo-locations, time of day, distance and more.

The Weather Channel was the first developer to display weather’s effect on run performance with its OutSider app in 2014. This used our patent-pending index to represent the cumulative and weighted effects of environmental conditions on outdoor running, using weather and biometeorological research. GoRun builds on that  proprietary technology and adds a learning capability about the user that grows more personalized over time. The enhanced GoRun forecast is now easily accessible directly inside The Weather Channel flagship app.  

Michelob ULTRA is GoRun’s exclusive launch partner, facilitated by MediaCom, and will be integrated into its marketing efforts and promotional content. Michelob ULTRA celebrates the active life, which makes it a perfect partner for GoRun because this beer doesn’t undo all the hard work that its drinkers put in every day.

Learn more by viewing the GoRun video above. Plan your next run with the GoRun forecast by downloading The Weather Channel App from iTunes or Apple App Store or Google Play.