September 13, 2016

The Weather Channel App for iMessage now available with iOS10

New App Allows Users to Message Mini Forecasts to Their Friends

The Weather Channel App for iMessage is available today, at launch with iOS10. The new app builds on capabilities of the new Messages framework, allowing you to message your friends abbreviated forecasts to give a full view of the weather story where you are.

Looking to schedule a block party with neighbors or a weekend camping trip with friends? Let them know what the forecast will be to better plan how to setup or what gear to bring. Or maybe you see an impending thunderstorm heading toward your mom’s house? React to the alert and make sure she stays inside and safe.

Share the best information with those who matter most, whether to help plan your daily activities or when severe weather threatens. Keep the conversation going with:

  • Daily and weekend weather forecasts
  • Current conditions such as temperature, chance of rain and more
  • Severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service for lightning, hail, floods, tornados and severe storms

Another example of the brand’s leadership in the messaging space, The Weather Channel has also recently announced a weather bot with Kik and a weather bubble with Cola, with more in the works.  ​

Check out The Weather Channel App for iMessage at the new App Store for iMessage and iTunes here. Or for more detailed information, get the complete The Weather Channel App for iPhone here.